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The Mindful Day: The Art and Practice of Mindfulness in Everyday Life ­

From “The Mindful Day: Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm, and Joy From Morning to Evening,” Laurie shares simple, evidence-based practices people can use to stay connected with themselves and their purpose, from “waking up to joy” to easing into sleep.

How Emotions Impact Results and Unlocking Your Superpower

Mastering your mental state is a key to high performance. Mindfulness allows you to direct your attention where you want it to go, instead of being tossed around by thoughts and turbulent emotions. Laurie shares how to adapt mindful practices that suit your life and integrate them seamlessly into your routines, promoting self-discovery, alignment and decision-making to lead a meaningful life of purpose.

From the Monastery to the Boardroom

Laurie explains how she brought mindfulness teachings to major corporate clients through her 20+ years of study under Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn.

Optimizing Team Performance Through Mindfulness

A recent review of scientific literature finds mindfulness training in the workplace tied to improved outcomes in performance, relationships and wellbeing. Laurie explores how creating a “mindful workplace” can help companies build teams that are open, empathetic, connected, focused, and willing to take risks.

Mindfulness & the Teen Mental Health Crisis

­Young people face an epidemic of anxiety and depression. “It's not just the high-pressure expectations that we put on kids nowadays to get into the right college or to keep up with one another; now, it's exacerbated by the social media in their hands,” Laurie says. She explains how mindfulness can help.

Tame Your Inner Critic/Calm Your Anxious Mind

Where is your mind when it’s not in the present? Often, we are ruminating, worrying, obsessing, judging, or occupied with things that have already happened or might happen: the constructs of our mind, rather than reality. Laurie shares simple practices to help focus on the present.

How to Manage Difficult Emotions

Do you get easily triggered by a comment, a surprise decision, or by people around you? Laurie shares how to train your mind and body to shift from fear, sadness and other difficult feelings to joy, gratitude, hope and other positive ways of being.

Unlocking Creativity

An expressionist painter who serves on the University of Maryland's Contemporary Art Purchasing Board, Laurie shares mindful techniques to inspire creativity.

Learning from Loss

Laurie has experienced great personal loss, including the death of her father when she was 16 as she performed CPR on him. She tells how “experiencing the truth of the fragility of life” drives her work to help others become more focused, present and compassionate.he

How to Live Simply in the Deep Now

Laurie shares the teaching of Thich Nhat Hahn that joy and happiness are available to us in every single moment of our lives. She explains how to direct the mind to choose joy when we are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or isolated.

The Next Frontier

Mental fitness for organizational performance is what’s next for developing leaders. National Geographic chose Laurie, a business executive, parent and artist, to write about mindfulness based on her more than 20 years of practice and her study of how people learn, grow, change and thrive. She discusses the “psychology of flourishing at being human.”

Building an Unshakable Core

Your bottom line is related to your performance. Can you afford distraction at work? Laurie shares how to develop a calm, clear, focused mind inside the science of how to grow the inner strengths of resilience no matter what the outer conditions of life may be.

The Upside of Stress

Laurie can scientifically show how your stress mindset impacts performance.

Who Are Your Company Superheroes?

How company cultures can shift by celebrating those who are getting it right, and creating new norms to drive sustainable performance.

Overwhelmed? Here's How to Focus

Laurie reveals practical strategies for training mental focus and getting results that count.

How Mindfulness Fuels Performance

Through meditation practice, Laurie helps you cultivate both an awareness of what needs to be done and the clarity to respond with effective action.

The Surprising Impact of Self-Compassion at Work

Laurie teaches the science of how mindful self-compassion drives motivation, resilience and performance.

Why Busyness is Not a Badge of Honor

“Action addicts” telltale signs are revealed by Laurie. Plus, she provides solutions on how to focus on what matters most.
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